Dozens of Textile Industries Enliven Indonesia Apparel Production Expo 2024 in Solo – Radio Solopos FM

Radio Solopos – The largest clothing industry machinery exhibition, Indonesia Apparel Production Expo (IAPE) 2024, will be held again in Solo City, Thursday (29/2/2024) to Saturday (2/3/2024).

A total of 32 textile industry companies from Solo Raya and other big cities participated in the event which took place at the Diamond Hall Solo Convention Center.

This year is the 10th roadshow for the Indonesia Apparel Production Expo exhibition, since it was first held in Solo in 2014. In Solo itself, this time IAPE is the 9th exhibition, in 2021 and 2022 this exhibition cannot be held due to the pandemic.


“10 years of travel is not a short time for this exhibition. “These 10 years have also provided a lot of learning, this exhibition is becoming more mature, and it is an achievement in itself, that this exhibition has become the largest clothing production machine and industry exhibition in the DIY-Central Java region which is still existing and solid,” said the Organizer of the Indonesia Apparel Production Expo. 2024, Bryan Whildan Arsaha.

Indonesia Apparel Production Expo (IAPE) is an exhibition of clothing machinery and production which will display the processes and needs of clothing production from upstream to downstream, starting from fabric materials, garment machines and equipment, convection, screen printing, digital printing, to derivative business lines.

IAPE brings together suppliers and distributors of machinery and technology in the apparel business with visitors who will use and apply the technology.

Bryan explained that one of the missions of the IAPE 2024 exhibition is to increase the capacity of the clothing production industry and its derivatives nationally through events in various cities, so that the public will get information about business/industrial processes or the latest technology to produce quality products, have the ability in fulfilling domestic needs, to being competitive on an international scale by exporting.

IAPE is present in various big cities in Indonesia, including Surabaya Bandung Bali Makassar Semarang. However, Solo always has its own memories of every IAPE Roadshow held, as the birthplace of IAPE, and as the opening city for the IAPE roadshow.

“Solo, as a city that is a barometer for the clothing production industry, was chosen to maintain its existence and revive the spirit of the clothing production industry, both at the local regional and national levels,” he added.

According to Bryan, since it was first implemented until now, IAPE continues to grow and improve. IAPE always strives to present exhibitions with the best participants in supporting fields of the clothing production business, always adapting to the speed of technology in the current era.

Exhibitors take turns filling in, some have regularly participated since 2014, some are new. Exhibition visitors were also encouraged to come, quite a few whose business levels had already developed greatly.

Entrepreneurs from Solo, who started from the MSME scale, together built a business from the first IAPE exhibition held, now they have business branches in various cities in Indonesia.

“Hopefully all of this journey will be remembered, that IAPE’s commitment is to be a forum for education, innovation, which leads to the creation of transactions, which drive the regional economy,” said Bryan.

He said that the increasingly rapid development of the times has made the challenges in the clothing production business world increasingly complex and varied. Therefore, holding IAPE is important. IAPE is a starting point for those who want to start a business, and is also a checkpoint for business development for existing business actors.

“Through this exhibition, we have a mission to present an exhibition that can become a business hub in bringing together various stakeholders in related businesses, starting from government institutions, business people in the creative industry, creative communities, practitioners in the world of garment, convection, screen printing, digital printing. textiles, fashion designers and fashion enthusiasts, to academic institutions such as universities, vocational schools and course institutions,” he said.

By yowuj