Is it true that the Star Wars game was canceled due to the storm of layoffs at Electronic Arts? – Electronic Arts (EA) recently announced that the first person shooting game (FPS) based on Star Wars was canceled.

The cancellation occurred alongside mass layoffs of 5% of the workforce, studio closures, and the withdrawal of several games mobile.

Is it true that the cancellation of the Star Wars game was due to mass layoffs?

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Is it true that EA’s release of Star Wars was canceled due to layoffs?

One of the Electronic Arts offices. (Source: Forage)

EA Entertainment and Technology President Laura Miele revealed the reasons for the cancellation of the Star Wars game via EA’s official website.

He said the company would shift from developing licensed projects to projects based on brands (IP) that they already own internally.

Miele explained that the decision to cancel the Star Wars game was based on an analysis of Respawn Entertainment’s portfolio, developers games under EA.

They observed the highest gaming interest in titles made by Respawn.

As a result, EA will divert development resources for the Star Wars FPS project to new projects from internal IP, while providing support for existing games.

This cancellation caused disappointment among Star Wars fans.

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On the other hand, EA emphasized that the layoffs would not have an impact on the Marvel projects currently in development at the Motive and Cliffhanger Games studios.


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