New Book Switched On Chronicles Latin American Women in Electronic Music

Beatriz Ferreyra, Jacqueline Nova, Elsa Justel, Leni Alexander, and more artists are featured in a new book chronicling Latin America’s pioneering women in electronic music during the mid-20th century. Switched On: The Dawn of Electronic Sound by Latin American Women is out now via Contingent Sounds, a Berlin-based publishing company.

Over 210 pages, Switched On compiles interviews, essays, photos, and reviews to look at the role that Latin American women played in the development of electronic music. The expansive list of composers and sound artists featured in the book includes Jocy de Oliveira, Mónica O’Reilly Viamontes, Nelly Moretto, Oksana Linde, Patricia Belli, Alicia Urreta, Teresa Burga, Eulalia Bernard, and Graciela Castillo, among many others. Also included is an interview with Beatriz Ferreyra by Pitchfork contributing editor Isabelia Herrera.

Switched On was edited by independent curator, researcher, and Buh Records founder Luis Alvarado and experimental musician, researcher, and multimedia artist Alejandra Cardenas aka Ale Hop.

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