Tanah Abang Market Traders’ Complaints, Turnover Dropped Due to Online Shop and TikTok Shop Attacks

Report from Tribunnews.com Journalist, Ismoyo

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – A number of traders at Tanah Abang Market, Jakarta, admitted that their turnover had decreased due to the low number of buyers.

This trader’s complaint also went viral on social media. A trader said that the Tanah Abang Market was quiet due to people’s shopping habits switching to e-commerce, aka online markets.

Traders also asked the government to immediately take action against TikTok Shop, which is one of the few buyers in the offline market.

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In fact, the decline in sales turnover has an impact on the salaries of shopkeepers at Tanah Abang Market.

“We produce ourselves, we pay our own rent. I’ve spoken to the manager,” said a trader as quoted by the Tanah Abang Market TikTok account.

“Right now we need people to come to the place now. Sometimes employees don’t get paid for a week (postponed) because the boss doesn’t get any money,” he continued.

The trader admitted that there were increasingly fewer buyers since people started buying goods on online markets, this has been happening since 2017.

In fact, even though traders sell their merchandise, buyers are never interested in buying.

“Tanah Abang doesn’t have any people. Because it affects turnover. I’ve been trading for years, I’ve always wanted to develop,” he said.

“(If we switch) to online, the process is a bit complicated. It’s difficult for us to just sell goods now,” he concluded.

Trader Turnover is Said to Have Dropped by 50 Percent

Minister of Cooperatives and SMEs (Menkop UKM) Teten Masduki revealed that business actors who opened shops in the Tanah Abang Market area, Jakarta, experienced a decrease in income due to the low number of visitors or buyers.

In fact, the impact of the lack of buyers has caused traders’ turnover to decrease by up to 50 percent.

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This was expressed by Minister Teten when he visited Tanah Abang Market on Tuesday afternoon (19/9/2023).

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