This is the 2024 Fashion Trend from South Korea, NewJeans Becomes a Fashion Icon


South Korean culture has quite a big influence on the development of fashion trends in Indonesia. The Indonesian people’s interest in K-pop nuanced products and styles cannot be separated from the K-wave phenomenon which began in the 1900s until now.

The style of K-pop idols and K-drama actors/actresses has become an inspiration for fashion among young people. Korean Trend, or abbreviated as K-trend, is predicted to continue to increase in 2024.

“Korean culture is one of the cultures with the most dynamic development. The influence it brings is also quite impactful on the global stage, including Indonesian society,” said Chief Marketing Officer Dennis Fabian, at the Media Gathering event: K-trend Forecast in 2024 at Gwangjang Market, Tebet, South Jakarta, Thursday (23/11/2023).



NewJeans.NewJeans. Photo: Instagram/@newjeans_official

For your information, is a shopping destination for South Korean beauty, fashion and lifestyle products. This retailer under the auspices of PT Indo Seungli Makmur has been present carrying various brands from Ginseng Country since 2017.

Styles inspired by the 2000s will still be in demand. People are starting to abandon tight or fitted clothes and switch to looser or oversized blouses, shirts and t-shirts.

Wide pants or wide pants are increasingly popular. You can also find lots of denim clothes, t-shirts with graphic images and bold mix and match motifs.

“For women, the dominant fashion trend is oversized cut clothes and wide pants,” said fashion stylist and fashion entrepreneur Bertha Puspita.

NewJeans Becomes Levi's Global AmbassadorNewJeans Becomes Levi’s Global Ambassador Photo: doc. Levi’s

If in 2023 soft pastel colors will dominate, then next year, striking bright palettes will be the trend. Bertha predicts that electric bursts of color will be seen a lot.

“Next year there will be lots of vibrant colors like blue or electric pink,” he said.

The K-pop group NewJeans is a fashion icon that is predicted to become a reference for young people in style in 2024. This can be seen from the concept they promote every time they make a comeback and immediately become trendsetters.

“NewJeans has made several comebacks, its appearance always becomes a reference. For example, backpacks and hats decorated with dolls or rabbit ear headbands. I think New Jeans will still be a trendsetter in 2024 because in Indonesia there are so many fans,” explained the owner of the YOUNGWOONG and TOOYOUNG fashion brands. .

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