UConn student prepares to launch organic intimate apparel line – NBC Connecticut

For Christina Phillips, being a business owner was always in her DNA.

“I came from a family of entrepreneurs, and it was always in my blood, I felt like I was going to have my own business,” Puure Founder and CEO Christina Phillips said.

Back in 2016, she launched a clothing line with her sister, but unfortunately it folded during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“You always have that first business, where you get your feet wet a little bit, and then you get things done, and your second business is kind of where it takes off for most people,” Phillips said.

Now, Phillips is on a new venture and preparing to launch Puure, an organic intimate apparel line that is free of toxic chemicals.

“You think about what your underwear is supposed to be, it’s supposed to be something that protects your body from external threats. It should not be a threat itself,” Phillips said.

According to Greenpeace, a global network of organizations looking to find solutions for a more sustainable future, there are several chemicals found in clothing that can cause health issues, including dyes and pesticides.

“Well, most importantly, doctors tell us cotton is the safest underwear to wear, however, cotton is grown using pesticides,” Phillips said. That is the most sensitive area of your body, the area that brings life, we don’t want to add anything that is going to add any issues.”

Phillips was inspired to create clean undergarments after having her own health scare with fibroids.

“Fibroids run in my family, and I have seen the women in my family deal with excruciating pain during that time of month, or dealing with different reproductive issues,” Phillips said.

As a UConn MBA student, Phillips was able to fine-tune her business plan in 2023, and through a fellowship and a few pitching competitions, she secured about $30,000 for production and manufacturing, which she said has helped tremendously.

“I had no seed money, no starting point, no grants, we did everything out of pocket,” Phillips said.

Puure products will be available online in August and Phillips hopes one day to sell items in retail stores.

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